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Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant introduces new technology

14 October 2010

Implementation of a major project to process pure fat coal is being completed at OAO Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant.

This will make it possible to output higher-quality concentrate. The cost of this modernization is 200 million roubles. The recoupment period for the project is one year and 10 months.

The main difference between the new technology and the traditional method of dehydrating coal concentrate is due to the abandonment of thermal drying using hot gas. Fat coal is characterized by a high content of volatile substances-38% or higher. The classical method calls for the concentrate to be treated with gas heated to 600–800 degrees; for this purpose, fat coal was previously mixed with coking coal in a 70 to 30 proportion. Unfortunately, this negatively impacted the quality of the end product. The new technology will make it possible to avoid thermal drying altogether.

Instead of thermal drying, high-efficiency vacuum filters made by the Andritz company will be used. Their construction allows the finest class of coal concentrate (-0.5 mm) to be dehydrated much more effectively than was possible with the existing technology. In addition, the new equipment will significantly reduce production costs by decreasing the use of electricity and coal for heating air.

The commissioning of this modernized unit will mark a leap forward in the company’s development that will not only allow it to attain a dramatically new level of performance, but also ensure that production costs and the amount of harmful atmospheric emissions are reduced.

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